We like to refer these jean totes as ‘Gene’ Totes. After Savannah went to Heaven,we found out that her father and I had passed on recessive genes to her that caused her disease, Alpers Syndrome, a very rare mitochondrial disease. While living with our daughter at the hospital for 3 months, I saw the need for many items that weren’t always accessible to someone living away from home. We hope the recipients of these ‘Gene’ Totes will find the items useful during their stay.

We deliver 100 ‘Gene’ Totes every quarter.Our first delivery to the NICU and PICU at Mercy Hospital with our ‘Gene’ Totes was in October of 2015. Many times the totes are gone with in a few weeks of one of our deliveries. The need is huge! The comfort and encouragement of these simple ‘Gene’ Totes brings warmth to the life a child during a difficult time. None of this would be possible with out the help of Barbara’s Consignment Boutique. They donate jeans for us to use for our ‘Gene’ Totes.


    Top Items Needed Most For The Gene Totes

    – Activities: small puzzles, coloring books, crayons, colored pencils word searches, card games, books, Hot Wheels, etc.

    – Snacks: non-perishables items that are kid friendly & individually packaged(watch the expiration dates) – for example; fruit snacks, gum, mints, chips, Starbursts, M & M’s, Slim Jims, microwave popcorn, etc.

    – Toiletries: travel size soap, shampoo, lotion, mouthwash, deodorant, chap stick, etc.

    For a full list click here.