“And For This Child We Prayed”

You, Savannah were prayed for
Before you were ever conceived,
You were the desires of our hearts
That was what we believed,
You were a miracle
From day number one,
A miracle sent from Heaven
Before your life even begun.
You came into this world
The labor was fast,
Little did we know
Your precious life with us, wouldn’t last.
We enjoyed each minute with you,
The years were just “too few”.
We believed you would be with us forever
Little did we know,
The time would be short, and
It would be your time to go.
We know you are in Heaven
And we are trying our best,
We just don’t understand
This impossible test!
We wake up each morning
Not knowing how to cope,
But we know that your life
Is a message of Hope.
We know that you would tell us
“Please don’t be sad,”
“Please try to be Happy
Spence, Mo, Mom and Dad.
God gives me your messages of love
That you send my way,
He passes on the hugs and kisses to me
Every day…….
I know all about your prayers
For Jesus to return for you,
It is also my prayer
To reunite with you too.
Try to live for Jesus
Until the day soon appears,
We will meet at the gates
And shed no more tears.

Written by Savannah’s Mommy