“Your Life Was Special” by Micah Bagby

I remember the night you went home to be with the Lord,
To be with your family on earth no more.
I loved the time we spent together,
But none of us knew it wouldn’t last forever.
No words can explain how much I miss you,
How much I can’t wait until I see you.
Even though it was hard for you to make friends,
I’m glad that we were friends to the very end.
Sometimes we fought and didn’t know what to say,
But after the fight, we loved each other, anyways.
You loved your family, friends, your dogs, and your cat,
But the cat was your buddy, we knew about that.
I cant wait to get to heaven and see the people I love,
And I think I will love heaven above.
You are now spending time with another,
And I am glad that it is with our Heavenly Father.